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Reindeer Games | EA
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Reindeer Games

Join us for € 1000 in Reindeer Games every day from 3-4pm in Lucky Streak and 8-9pm in Money Tree!  Ten  € 100 games play each hour in addition to our regular jackpot and Challenge Games.

Where would Santa be without all the little people in his life? No, we don’t mean Santa’s Elves, but his tireless Reindeer helpers!

Five of Santa’s hardest-working Reindeer are joining us for € 1000 cash every day until 15 December for 2 hours of Reindeer Games.

Dasher, Dancer, Donner and Blitzen will start you off with four 3-part € 100 games from 3-4pm in Lucky Streak, and 8pm-9pm in Money Tree. The final game of each hour will be hosted by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer himself for € 100 cash coverall and fullhouse games!

All games will offer a guaranteed € 100 Cash prize pool, with tickets available for  € . 25 cash each. Twice a day, four 3-part games will play for  € 25, € 25, and € 50, and Rudolph’s glowing games will award € 100 cash prizes!
Terms and Conditions:
Promotion runs from 9 December 12:00am through 15 December 11:59pm (GMT) 2011.
During the promotional period, the € 100 Reindeer Games replace regularly scheduled games in Money Tree from 8pm-9pm, and Lucky Streak from 3pm-4pm.
Tickets are € .25 cash per ticket per game, pre-buy is available.




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