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€5000 Bunny Hop Challenge | EA
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€5000 Bunny Hop Challenge

Be it Alice’s White Rabbit leading her down the rabbit hole, Peter Rabbit stealing radishes from the garden or the Easter Bunny bringing coloured eggs, April is a time we all pay homage to the adorable fuzzy creature, the Rabbit. Dating back thousands of years, rabbits have been symbols of fertility, luck, mischief, and the moon. Hopping through many of our childhood stories, few creatures are as identifiable to children as the Rabbit.

This week you can hop through the bingo rooms with the Bunny Hop Challenge. To dress the part, you’ll need to win the Rabbit Ears and Easter Eggs challenge games. These games play twice an hour in Money Tree and Lucky Streak (6am-1am).

Win both games to earn the Challenge Badge and €5 Bonus. You’ll also gain entry into our €750 Challenge Tournament, playing Thursday nights at 9pm in Madhouse.
Promotion period: 06:00am BST 30 March through 01:00am BST 12 April.
When players complete a Challenge by winning both Challenge games they earn €5 Bonus, a Challenge badge for their badge board, and entry to the weekly tournament held Thursdays in Madhouse at 9pm. Every subsequent time the Challenge is completed again, the player earns another €5 Bonus.
Bonuses are credited after qualification (please allow up to 24 hours).


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