Crack some Easter Eggs & Win Tickets to the Easter Egg Hunt!

Crack some Easter Eggs & Win Tickets to the Easter Egg Hunt!

The Bingo Bunny is hopping towards Easter, but his basket is so full that he’s dropping Eggs filled with free bingo tickets along the way!

Each day until 8 April you’ll have a chance to crack open one Easter Egg for up to 6 free tickets to the nightly €150 Egg game and one Golden Egg Ticket to the €1000 Easter game on 9 April!

To earn your free bingo tickets just spend at least €10 cash on bingo in one day so you can crack your egg by the 9pm deadline! Once you’ve qualified, just visit the Easter Egg Hunt promotions page to crack an egg before it spoils!

Every night at 9:30pm in both Lucky Streak and Money Tree, there’ll be a special €150 Coverall game. On 9 April, any Golden Tickets you’ve earned will be entered into the 9:30pm game playing for €1000 in cash prizes!

You better get crackin’ because these Eggs won’t last forever! If you don’t crack an egg by 9pm each night, it will go ROTTEN and the tickets inside will be spoiled.

Hop to it for your chance at €2500 in cash prizes!

Terms and Conditions:

Promotion period: 00:00am BST 30 March through 11:59pm BST 9 April.
Players spending a minimum of €10 cash on bingo in one day may open one egg on the promotions page by 9:00pm on the same night. Players can access the Easter Egg Hunt promotions page by clicking the “?” icon and “Promotions” link on the in-game bingo screen.
Each egg opened earns a random number of tickets (1-6) to that night’s €150 coverall game (maximum 6 tickets). Nightly games play from 30 March to 8 April as a 9:30pm linked game in Money Tree and Lucky Streak.
Each Egg opened also earns one free Golden Egg ticket to the final 3-part €1000 Easter game (maximum 18 tickets) at 9:30pm on 9 April in Lucky Streak and Money Tree. Prizes for this game will be €200 Cash (Part 1), €300 Cash (Part 2), €500 Cash (Part 3). Multiple winners on the same game part will share the prize equally.
If an egg is not cracked by 9:00pm on the day that it is earned by meeting the minimum spending requirements will be voided and no tickets will be awarded. Any tickets earned by successfully opening an egg will automatically be entered into their respective games.
Additional tickets are €1 cash for nightly games and €5 cash for the final 9 April game. Pre-purchase for nightly games and the final game is available.


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