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Grand Slam | EA
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Grand Slam

The 2012 Grand Slam Season is in full swing!

Join us each night as we serve up € 2000 in cash prizes in Grand Slam Bingo!

These Tennis-themed 5-part games play at 9:30pm in both Money Tree and Lucky Streak for € 150 in cash prizes, and are scored a lot like real tennis games: € 5, € 15, € 30, € 40 and a € 60 coverall.

If you’ve got what it takes to win, you could be a Grand Slam Champion and take home € 100 cash at the end of the tournament! Wins on any part of any Grand Slam Tennis game will be tallied up after the Tournament, and the Tournament Winners will be announced by 11:59pm 30 January. (You can see how many parts you’ve won at any time on the Tennis Scoreboard via the in-game promotions page.)

Tickets to all games are 50p cash each (Buy 2 Get 1 Free, max 60), and pre-purchase is available.

Terms and Conditions:
Promotion period is 12:00am GMT 20 January to 11:59pm GMT 29 January.
Players can track the number of Grand Slam games played and the number of game part won via the Scoreboard on the in-game Promotions page.
The Players who won the most Grand Slam bingo individual game parts will each receive £100 cash as explained below. Prizes will be credited to players’ accounts by 11:59pm 30 January 2011.
A maximum of € 500 will be awarded to players with the highest scores on the tennis scoreboard. A minimum of five players will be awarded a maximum of € 100 each. If five players tie for the highest score, they will each receive € 100. If more than five players share the same highest score, the  € 500 will be divided equally among all those players. Players with the next highest scores will be awarded a prize amount of € 100 only if the total amount awarded to the higher-scoring players is less than € 500. If the next highest score is shared with one or more players, each player will receive an equal portion of € 100 cash.





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