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“Dear Santa…”

When you complete Santa’s Workshop Challenge, just send Santa a letter and you could win € 200 Cash!

Wish you had a direct line to Santa? This year, you do!

You could win € 200 just by completing the Santa’s Workshop Challenge this week and sending a letter to Santa for one of three chances to win! Just win both the Toy Car and Toy Doll Challenge games and then email a “Dear Santa” letter to santa@playnetsupport.com. Our Christmas Elves will make sure Santa reads them all so he can choose the three best letters!

Even if you don’t have a special gift wish, you can write about your favourite or funniest Christmas memory, or just your warmest seasonal holiday experience. Your letter can be about anything related to this time of season!

On 23 December, you could be one of 3 winners of € 200 CASH!

Terms and Conditions:
Promotion runs from 16 December 12:00am through 22 December 11:59pm (GMT) 2011.
Players completing the Santa’s Workshop Challenge during 16-22 December are eligible to send in one Dear Santa email to santa@playnetsupport.com describing a favourite seasonal holiday memory or wish. Challenge completion requires winning any part of both the Toy Doll and Toy Car Challenge.
Three qualifying players will be selected on 23 December and awarded € 200 CASH each within 24 hours of selection.


Season’s Greetings!


Santa Workshop Challenge

We’ve put in a special order at Santa’s Workshop for two new Challenge games playing daily twice an hour (6am to 1am): Toy Car & Toy Doll. Win both games for € 5 Bonus, a Challenge Badge, and gain entry to the exclusive Thursday night Tournaments for € 750!

It’s rumoured that up at the North Pole, Santa Claus has a workshop filled with little Elves! These pointy eared Christmas Elves do all they can to help out Santa Claus. They take care of the reindeer, report on good and bad children and organize the sleigh. But what the Elves love to do above all else is make toys!

Santa’s Elves have been busy at work and have built two new Challenge games just for the occasion: Toy Car and Toy Doll! Join us to play with these early Christmas presents twice an hour (6am-1am) in Lucky Streak and Money Tree.

When you win BOTH games, you’ll earn £5 Bonus, the Santa’s Workshop Badge, and entry to the Challenge Tournaments playing for € 750 in prizes! Tournaments play Thursday nights at 9pm in Madhouse.
Terms and Conditions:
Promotion runs: 12:00am GMT 9 December through 11:59pm GMT 22 December.
When players complete a Challenge by winning both Challenge games they earn € 5 Bonus, a Challenge badge for their badge board, and entry to the weekly tournament held Thursdays in MadHouse at 9pm. Every subsequent time the Challenge is completed again, the player earns another  € 5 Bonus.
Bonuses are credited after qualification (please allow up to 24 hours).


Reindeer Games

Join us for € 1000 in Reindeer Games every day from 3-4pm in Lucky Streak and 8-9pm in Money Tree!  Ten  € 100 games play each hour in addition to our regular jackpot and Challenge Games.

Where would Santa be without all the little people in his life? No, we don’t mean Santa’s Elves, but his tireless Reindeer helpers!

Five of Santa’s hardest-working Reindeer are joining us for € 1000 cash every day until 15 December for 2 hours of Reindeer Games.

Dasher, Dancer, Donner and Blitzen will start you off with four 3-part € 100 games from 3-4pm in Lucky Streak, and 8pm-9pm in Money Tree. The final game of each hour will be hosted by Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer himself for € 100 cash coverall and fullhouse games!

All games will offer a guaranteed € 100 Cash prize pool, with tickets available for  € . 25 cash each. Twice a day, four 3-part games will play for  € 25, € 25, and € 50, and Rudolph’s glowing games will award € 100 cash prizes!
Terms and Conditions:
Promotion runs from 9 December 12:00am through 15 December 11:59pm (GMT) 2011.
During the promotional period, the € 100 Reindeer Games replace regularly scheduled games in Money Tree from 8pm-9pm, and Lucky Streak from 3pm-4pm.
Tickets are € .25 cash per ticket per game, pre-buy is available.




Celebrate Christmas every day from 1 to 21 December

Celebrate Christmas with us every day from 1 to 21 December and you could win up to  € 10 / 100 kr Bonus daily and a chance to win the Daily Christmas Gift!

Each day you make a deposit of  € 10 / 100 kr or more you’ll be eligible to open the corresponding door on the Christmas Advent Calendar and win a random amount of bonus! Behind every door is a guaranteed prize of up to € 10 / 100 kr  Bonus, so all you need to do to win is deposit and then open the door!

If you qualify on all 21 days, you’ll receive a special Christmas Gift on 22 December: Just visit the Calendar on or after that date and click on the present to claim an extra £50 Bonus.

Also, we’re giving away an even bigger Christmas Gift every night at 9pm! Everyone who makes a qualifying deposit before 9pm will be automatically entered into the draw to win that day’s Gift! You don’t have to open your daily door in order to be eligible, but if you want a chance at the Daily Gift you need to deposit at least  € 10 / 100 kr  before 9pm.

Even Santa won’t know what each Daily Gift will be. It could be cash, an iPod, jewellery, a TV… The only way to find out is to visit the Calendar page after 9pm to see what what it is! Be sure to check back each night after 9pm to see if you’re the winner!

You have until 31 December to open any doors that you’ve qualified for. After that, all unclaimed bonuses (and the  € 50 / 500 kr  Bonus) will disappear.

There are 21 spectacular prizes just waiting to be opened, and a sleigh-full of Bonus waiting to be claimed, so get into the Christmas spirit early this year and experience the gift of winning every day!


Deposit Bonuses on OnlineBingo.eu in December

200% Welcome bonus this month from December 1st to 26th on all OnlineBingo.eu brands!

100% Monthly Match Deposit – every day


Christmas Promotions at Onlinebingo.eu


December is here and with Christmas fast drawing upon us, the month is filled with Christmas shopping, mince pies and player promotions!

OnlineBingo.eu has a Santa’s sack full of Christmas promotions and every day we have something new for all players to take advantage of. These are designed to draw in new players, but also to encourage and reward our existing players throughout this time.

From December 1st to 26th we are offering all new players a huge 200% welcome bonus on their first deposit, and between 27th – 31st December, a 212% bonus is available for (new and existing) players on their first deposit during this period.

We also have:

  • 21 days of Christmas (1st – 21st Dec)
  • Dear Santa ( 9th – 18th Dec)
  • 250% deposit bonus on the first deposit of the day on the 24th and 25th
  • Santa’s workshop Challenge (9th – 22nd)
  • Reindeer Games (9th – 15th)
  • Sparkle and Shine Challenge (23rd Dec – 5th Jan)

We will email you reminders of all the promotions into your inbox so you can get these out to your player base.

You are also welcome to follow our blog where all this information will be featured in advance for you to add to your website.

If you would like any more information or any custom creatives, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Happy Holiday’s

The EuroAffiliate.com Team


Win a Car Promotion at OnlineBingo.Eu – Ends November 30th!!

Only 3 days left in the Win a Car Promotion which is running from NOW until November 30th – read further for more information. Affiliate Banners available. 

Open to all players is the chance to win a Car (or cash alternative). To be eligible to win, all players (existing and new) must have at least deposited and made a minimum cash wager of €100/1000kr in November to be entered into the prize draw. For every €100 wagered they receive an extra entry into the prize draw. Players must be in the bingo room to claim prize or another winner will be selected.

The winner will be announced on 30th November at 10.00pm in the “OnlineBingo” bingo room where an additional 10 bingo games with €25/250Kr full houses will also be played beforehand starting from 9.00pm

For Full T & C. more information, as well as information on how to promote this Win a Car promotion to your players, please visit here.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@euroaffiliates.com.


Perfect Pick Promotion running 25-27 November

Perfect Pick Promotion for you to promote to your players running this Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 25th – 27th November.

Perfect Pick returns with €300/3000kr prizes every night!

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we’re offering a phenomenal Perfect Pick prize of £300 every night!

Perfect Pick is easy to play: Just spend €10/100kr cash or more on bingo before 9pm that day, and you’ll be able to select a number on the Perfect Pick promotion page.

If your pick is the first number called in that night’s 10pm Linked UP 75 game, you’ll win or share €300/3000kr (€150/1500kr + €150/1500kr Bonus)! If nobody picked the first number called in the game, we’ll go to the next number until it matches someone’s Perfect Pick!

You can check your status via the in-game Promotions page (click “?” in the top-right of any bingo room). Once you’ve qualified by spending a minimum of €10/100kr cash before 9pm, you’ll be able to make your pick for the 10pm game.

It’s not necessary to purchase tickets for the 10pm game, but we’re sure you’ll want to be there to see if your Pick pays off!

Terms and Conditions

To participate in any promotional offer players must have deposited within 7 days of the promotion’s start date. Promotions are open only to players whose accounts are in good standing through the full term of the promotion. Players whose accounts are not in good standing for any portion of the promotion, or during prize allocation, will forfeit any wins. Free bingo games do not contribute to and are not eligible for inclusion in any promotion unless expressly stated. All promotions are based on cash wagering unless specified otherwise.
Perfect Pick:

Promotion period is 25 November 12:00am through 27 November 11:59pm.

Players must spend €10/100kr CASH on bingo before 9pm in order to qualify to make a Perfect Pick. Qualification status is displayed on the Perfect Pick page via the in-game Promotions link.

Players are not required to have tickets in the 10pm Linked UP 75 “Perfect Pick” game.

If the first number called in the 10pm Linked UP 75 game matches a Perfect Pick, all qualified players who selected that number as their Pick will share the €300/3000kr prize. If the first number does not matches a valid Perfect Pick, the second number will decide the winner, and so on.

The €300/3000kr Perfect Pick Prize will be awarded as €150/1500kr Cash and €150/1500kr Bonus. Please allow up to 24 hours for crediting. Only the first number picked by the player will count.


Yeti €5000/50000kr Challenge – 25 Nov to 8 Dec

New Yeti €5000/50000kr Challenge Promotion for your players running from 25 November to 8 December

For thousands of years there have been legends of a lumbering ape-like creature roaming the harsh Himalayan mountain region. The Tibetans call him “Yeti”, but the rest of the world knows him as: The Abominable Snowman! He’s an elusive, secretive creature, leaving behind no evidence of his existence beyond some monstrous footprints in the snow.

The Yeti has made a rare appearance for our latest Challenge and has left behind two new games: Yeti Mountain & Yeti Footprint! Join us as we stalk the Yeti twice an hour (6am-1am) in Lucky Streak and Money Tree.

Earn [€5/50kr] every time you win both the Yeti Mountain and Yeti Footprint Challenge games! The first time you complete the challenge you’ll also win the Yeti Challenge Badge and access to the [€750/7500kr] Thursday night Tournaments.

When you complete the Challenge by capturing wins in BOTH games (on any part), you’ll earn € 5/50kr  Bonus and the Yeti Badge for your badge board! You’ll also be able to join us for the Challenge Tournament games, playing at 9pm in Madhouse every Thursday night. Even better, for every pair of wins (both games) you’ll earn another £5!


€ 5000/50000kr Challenge Terms and Conditions: 

Promotion runs: 12:00am GMT 25 November through 11:59pm GMT 8 December.

When players complete a Challenge by winning both Challenge games they earn  € 5/50kr Bonus, a Challenge badge for their badge board, and entry to the weekly tournament held Thursdays in Madhouse at 9pm. Every subsequent time the Challenge is “completed” again, the player earns another  € 5/50kr  Bonus.

Bonuses are credited after qualification (please allow up to 24 hours).

Parlay Game Services Alderney retains the right to use and publish the names and/or aliases of winning players online and in any other media in connection with the game. Acceptance of a prize constitutes permission for Parlay Game Services Alderney to use the winner’s name for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation unless prohibited by law.

We reserve the right to reclaim the prize awarded if customers are found to be tampering with or abusing any aspect of this promotion, as solely determined by Parlay Game Services Alderney. If a player is found to be abusing any aspect of this promotion, as solely determined by Parlay Game Services Alderney, we reserve the right to reclaim the prize awarded and terminate the customer’s eligibility to participate in the promotion. Parlay Game Services Alderney reserves the right to cancel, reclaim or refuse this promotion at its own discretion. This promotion is subject to our official terms and conditions, which shall be binding in all cases. Employees, officers and directors of our parent company or any of our licensees, software suppliers and developers, affiliated or subsidiary companies are not permitted to register with us or to participate in this promotion.

Participation in Bingo is open only to the residents of those jurisdictions where such participation is legal. It is your responsibility to ensure that the laws of the country in which you are resident entitle you to play Bingo. All terms and conditions are subject to modification or change. In the event of any disputes the decision of the Bingo Promotions Manager is final.